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Cancer cells



BIOLOGICAL “INTERNET”: OUR DISCOVERY > An unexpected manifestation of bio-processes


SYSTEM-MEMORY > The holographic memory of organisms explains their aging and death 



This website introduces a new branch of interdisciplinary science - BIOLOGICAL HOLOGRAPHY and presents some of the results of our experimental and clinical activity.  

An accidental finding. Nature keeps innumerable secrets that have not yet been discovered or even imagined. One of such secrets was brought to light by our team in 2000. We have discovered that each cell, tissue and organ permanently transmits and receives non-molecular signals - holograms from all and any other part of the body as if there was a kind of wireless telecommunication between all components of a living system. Existence of a "Bio-Internet" - like functional system within our bodies contradicted common sense. However, repeatable empirical evidence required scientific explanation encouraging us to embark on a journey to study the physical essence of this strange phenomenon. 

Experimental and clinical research helped us better understand certain tricks of nature, predict many results of experiments and implement gained knowledge into medical practice. We have developed a computer-assisted device - the CID-system that detects any cancer non-invasively and harmlessly with over 85% accuracy. Low cost and ease of use would make it a perfect one-stop test for mass-screening of large groups.

New theory of cancer. Thanks to the effect of "holographic imaging", we also managed to look deeper into the essence and origin of many cancers. Recently published model of ITERATIVE CARCINOGENESIS reconciles many existing hypotheses and reduces the number of possible causes/triggers of cancer. Furthermore, it opens wide horizons for new experimentation that can lead to development of more efficient methods of cancer prevention, monitoring and treatment.   

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