Biological "internet"

Holograms generated by molecules, cells and tissues

Holograms shoulder foot

Fig.1 Holograms of some injured bones emitted by the patients' fingertips


Many types of waves are generated by dynamic constituents of the human body. The "orchestrated" action of system-waves appears from the very first moments of embryogenesis and they build more and more complex waveforms along with the development of complex molecular structures. In a self-organizing system the solid and wave-associated processes are complementary to one another. Therefore, it is possible to acquire information on cells, tissues and organs via assessment of corresponding waves.

We found that a complex (multi-level) architecture of permanently interfering and diffracting waves within human body acts as a unifying functional system of self-control and self-regulation. Furthermore, some minor parts of human body, such as fingertips, can serve as sources of holographic information on out-of-balance organs, tissues and cells. This previously unknown capability of living systems is studied by an interdisciplinary science dubbed Biological Holography, or BIOHOLOGRAPHY.

Thanks to the safety of fingertip electro-photography that we use while capturing body-holograms (see "what is BHT"), we can conduct experiments on volunteers as often as necessary. 

Some of our experimental and clinical findings 

1. The surface of a human body displays only the holographic replicas of malfunctioning organs, tissues and cells (regardless of their size, texture or density). Non-perturbed bio-processes do not generate corresponding patterns of emission (fig.1).

2. Replicas of malfunctioning anatomic structures can be obtained via BHT of minor parts of the body (fig.2); 

finger nose elbow

Fig.2 Irritation of the digestive tube (gulps of hot water) alters the emission of a fingertip, nose-tip and elbow in a similar way (bright spot below the tube opening). Captures are made within seconds of fluid intake.

3. Images or signatures of intentionally excited tissues appear on the BHT-grams of various body parts – sometimes within a matter of seconds (“Targeted BHT” - fig.2, 3). 

targetedBHT Jerry

Fig.3 Targeted BHT conducted on a patient with surgically removed cancer in order to confirm or rule out the relapse. Captures of his fingertips made in several minutes after urination enabled us to get images with huge resolution.








4. Each fingertip and even each part of a fingertip displays the same unbalanced structure from various viewing angles and on various scales.

5. Contrary to conventional microscopy, small malfunctioning/perturbed areas and cells display more structural details than large ones (frequency-dependent scaling).

6. Acute/aggressive and chronic pathological processes differ in their BHT-manifestations (fig.4).

compare acute chronic

Fig.4 Comparison of a person's BHT-grams in a normal condition to the same fingertip data in acute state (flu, severe rhinitis). Note similar deformations and elongated replicas (nose) in the lower parts of different fingers' BHT-grams.


7. Initial state of a system is important, since significant violation of homeostasis temporarily distorts and “overrides” information on less active sources of perturbations. Hence, the participants in BHT-experiments must be in a quasi-stationary state of balance, close to a state that is usually required for measurements of the basal metabolic rate.

"BIO-INTERNET". Experimental evidence testifies to the existence of some mechanisms that altogether act as a functional system of bio-telecommunication. The motto of 3 musketeers “all for one and one for all” turned out to be the principle that unites separate components of a living system into an integral whole. Obviously, life would not be possible without the system-unifying information, where every single cell is permanently informed and controlled by all other bio-components. In such a system of interdependent and strictly controlled constituents any perturbation be it strong or weak would cause the reaction of the whole body. Our BHT-technology helped us to verify this hypothesis. It is known that some biological effects are associated with ambient fields so weak that their intensities are below the "thermal threshold". Stating that there are no known biological mechanisms that might perceive such weak signals, mainstream science does not offer any explanation of the sensitivity of organisms towards the fields of non-thermal intensity. 

magnet water effects

Fig.5 Alteration of the right hand index finger emission in response to the water-intake (dash-line) and application of weak magnetic field (10 Gauss) to the left arm. Recordings made every 3 sec. Area of the glow is plotted as % of the first 5 stills (no impact).

Figure 5 demonstrates the difference between the reaction of the body-surface to weak magnetic fields and intake of water. One can see that area of glow shows very slight change when there is no impact. Weak magnetic field decreases emission of the opposite hand almost instantly, whereas the reaction to some gulps of water is delayed: the glowing area starts to shrink much later and in a step-like manner (see also our publication).

"Wireless" bio-communication. All of the listed traits of non-local mechanisms of information transfer are characteristic for real-time/dynamic holograms. For instance, 1) each small piece of a holographic record can be used for the reconstruction of the whole recorded object; 2) Different pieces/parts of such a record display the same image from distinct viewing angles; 3) the interference patterns of various waves are in a permanently fluctuating state that is a characteristic for dynamic real-time holograms, etc. We arrived at a conclusion that human body functions autonomously due to the self-organizing and system-unifying ("wireless") mechanisms that ensure permanent exchange of waveforms and interference-patterns between all bio-constituents/agents.

Remote/wireless communication had been unimaginable before Heinrich Hertz proved it experimentally in 1888. Italian physicist G. Marconi, who refused to accept expert opinion, successfully transmitted radio waves across the Atlantic In 1932. Today, thanks to these rebellious inventors, nobody doubts that information (both - sounds and images) can propagate across the non-uniform space full of static and dynamic obstacles. It came as a big surprise that nature uses a kind of wireless communication as the most optimal mechanism of system-genesis and evolution. We named the entire set of “wireless” mechanisms the Holographic informational system (HIS), since these integrating processes ensure the 3D "holo-imaging" throughout the whole body. 

More information on the holography-based tools of nature can be found in our publication "The holographic principle and emergence phenomenon".

Carcinogenesis has much in common with the genesis of any other system of natural origin. Cancer as an individual "organism" with its own holographic mechanisms of the self-organization that compete with the HIS-system of more mature host-system is discussed in the section "Cancer as a new system" and in our publication entitled "Life-cycling of cancer: new concept".