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                      All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. - Arthur Schopenhauer  



Discovery of the new phenomenon in human body that could not be explained by known biological and physical mechanisms put us in a difficult position. First, we did not believe our eyes and judgments. Second, our findings were violently opposed by both - mainstream scientists and laymen - despite consistent evidence of their reality. Thus, a small team of biologists, medical doctors and engineers was left to investigate the phenomenon that required broad knowledge of physics, theoretical biology, medicine and some other scientific disciplines. We had to conduct thousands of experiments and clinical tests in order to find rational explanation of our discovery. It took more time than expected, but eventually we ended up with a testable theory that contradicted neither physical/life sciences, nor elementary logic. We found that real-time holographic processes within nonlinear phase-space of a natural system could explain our experimental data. The principle of holography was already known to be manifested on other scales of observable reality. That somewhat facilitated our theoretical research.

Obviously, the holographic replicas of anatomic structures could not be formed in a mature organism: we recognized that emergence of the holography-based mechanisms is closely related to the very first stages of natural system-formation. Hence, it was necessary to study the generic process of system-genesis, more precisely, the origin of complex systems in nature. To expand understanding of the most common mechanisms of system-genesis and explain the phenomenon of emergence we addressed certain problems in theoretical physics and complexity science. The difficulty of a complex system is that often its parts are interacting on many time and length scales. While tracing back to the origin of self-organizing systems in our universe, only the most reliable hypotheses, observations and experimental data were considered.

Drawing on our experimental data and on the knowledge accumulated in various branches of science we came to a conclusion that all autonomously functioning systems of natural origin pass through similar stages of emergence and development. 

Our phenomenological model that describes the most general physical principles of new system-creation in nature is discussed in the paper "The holographic principle and emergence phenomenon".

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